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Customized Cake Order In Lahore

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Best Caramel Crunch cakes in Lahore
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Caramel Crunch Cakes

Best caramel crunch cakes online in Lahore. You can customize your cake online and get it at your site. Caramel crunch cakes are the most delicious and most liked cakes all over the world. Because of its taste caramel is widely used in cakes all over the world. In Lahore you can get these cakes online in very low price. We provide pure caramel cakes. Unlike other online cake order bakeries who use flavors instead of original caramel, we use 100% pure caramel. That is why our old customers are still connected with us. Now online cake order in Lahore and book your cake. You can also get custom cake with caramel filling. These custom cakes are according to specific event and of different designs which are made by fondant. In these cakes we fill caramel crunch, caramel vanilla or chocolate fudge as flavor of the cake.

Cake Marque the online cake order and delivery in Lahore offers wide variety of cakes. These varieties includes theme cakes, fondant cakes, birthday cakes, wedding, anniversaries, and parties cakes. We have all varieties of cakes on all events and on all themes. We have hundreds of cakes on single theme. All of these theme cake are now available in caramel crunch flavor. So, in this way our clients order cakes according to specific theme but they also enjoy the taste of caramel cakes. 

We provide caramel crunch cakes in 1500 PKR per pound. Although our rates are high but our products are guaranteed and you can claim your complaint. Our products has money back guarantee. 
- Chef Shahid

Delivery charges included. Fixed charges of delivery all over the Lahore. We deliver cakes in 300 PKR delivery charges. You must order at least 8 hours before the function so that we can prepare and deliver it on time. So, don't hesitate to get a quote. Contact us and talk about your requirements.